Dangerous Christian

A new kind of superhero

In a world that is in chaos, and where superheroes are just guys in spandex suits, with more personal angst than super power, a different kind  of hero is needed. A hero who is in touch with the truth. A hero with a dark, but unknown  past. A hero who is an ordinary guy, set out to do extraordinary things, and one on a mission to right as many of life’s wrongs as he can.


A nondescript man whose past is a mystery sets out on journeys, armed with his artificial intelligent companion that he devised himself, SWORD, put harmful worldview to the test. Filtering them through the logic of biblical doctrines, as Dan explores the merits of his new faith that launched him on his path.


SWORD, or Strategic Word Of Right Discernment, has it’s logic built on the scripture itself, and acts as Dan’s guide to filter the truths of  world-views, as well as being a personal digital assistant. SWORD is portable, and built on the form factor of a smart phone, it’s Dan’s own invention.


In our first season, Dan arrives in the city in the aftermath of a series of storms. The foreshadowing event symbolizes turmoils in a struggling family, but an even bigger problem in town. Dan soon links together the people who hold the fragments to overcome the storms.


Stay tuned to see how attitudes and lives are changed, and an arch nemesis is only part of the trouble.


Keep listening, right to the cliffhanger ending, and more seasons to come